Landowners & Developers

TLP provides consultancy services to developers and landowners. This ranges from advising on the disposal of land for new school development to advice on Planning Obligations towards local authority educational provision.

Planning Obligations

These are often required on the back of large housing development proposals, in which the Local Authority will seek a financial contribution towards providing additional school places, and often a land contribution to house a new school. Our approach is based on the following:


Are they reasonable?

  • Assessing local planning policy requirements and the robustness of the evidence base which the Local Authority has used to justify the need for the educational Planning Obligations.
  • We will provide advice on whether these demands can be challenged on both policy and viability grounds, and set out the evidence in the form of a report that will be used to support planning representations and negotiations with the Local Authority.

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TLP provides consultancy services to assist local authorities develop and implement a strategic approach to the delivery of new schools, which responds to the following challenges:

  • Representing our clients at meetings to discuss and negotiate Education contributions, alongside other Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) requests.
  • Providing development appraisals to look at the impact of Planning Obligation requests on the overall financial viability of the scheme, and ultimately negotiate and prepare Section 106 agreements.

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Expertise in current Government Education Policy

A key strength of our approach that sets us apart from our competition is our involvement in the Government’s Free Schools’ Programme. We also have links to Academy Trusts as a potential means to reduce educational Planning Obligations.

Planning Inquiries / Appeals

We offer consultancy services after a planning application is refused, and can prepare written representation and appear at hearings as required.

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